Thursday, January 3, 2008

R.I.P. Anthony Hobbs

Last night, I received some sad news. Anthony Hobbs, a junior at Little Rock Parkview (my alma mater) collapsed and died last night during a game against Lake Hamilton. Be thankful for everything and cherish your life and the life of others because you never know when it can be taken away from you. I pray that God gives his family and loved ones the strength to pull through this difficult time. Below is an article from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

Parkview Player Stricken During Game


Little Rock Parkview junior basketball player Anthony Hobbs died Wednesday night after collapsing during the Patriots’ 6A-South Conference opener against Lake Hamilton at the Charles Ripley Arena.
Hobbs, 16, was taken by ambulance to Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock, less than a mile from the Parkview campus.
A hospital spokesman confirmed his death less than an hour after Hobbs arrived at the hospital. Hospital officials could not confirm the time or cause of death.
“This is a terrible tragedy,” said Parkview principal Linda Brown, who was one of many school officials that had gathered at the hospital. “We’re going to do everything we can for the students and we’re going to support the [Hobbs] family as much as possible at this time. Obviously, we’re all in shock right now.”
Hobbs, a 6-6 part-time starter, collapsed near the Parkview bench less than four minutes into the game. He was in the game before his collapse.
Two nurses affiliated with the Lake Hamilton basketball team, one of whom was Suzy Bridges, the wife of Lake Hamilton Coach Jamie Bridges, administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation before paramedics arrived at the scene.
Parkview Coach Al Flanigan said Hobbs showed no signs that anything was wrong before he collapsed.
“He had just come out of the game,” Flanigan said. “He just fell. Nobody hit him, pushed him or nothing. He just got weak at the knees and fell.”
Flanigan said there was nothing out of the ordinary when Hobbs took his pre-season physical, but the coach did say Hobbs had suffered a seizure about a year ago.
“That happened once, in church,” Flanigan said. “But he got over that. He had no kind of medical condition that I’m aware of.”
Hobbs was a role player for the Patriots, who were 9-4 heading into Wednesday night’s game. Hobbs was known for his defense and the thick, darkframed glasses he wore on the court.
Flanigan said Hobbs was in the starting lineup because regular starter Julian Bassett was late for the game.
“He seemed real happy,” Flanigan said of Hobbs’ reaction to being told he was going to start in the conference opener. “He seemed excited.”
Lake Hamilton scored to cut Parkview’s lead to 11-6 with 4:16 remaining in the first quarter when Hobbs collapsed.
“He’s a strong kid,” Flanigan said of Hobbs, who did not score in the game. “Usually he would bounce right back up. I knew something was very wrong then.”
Officials from both schools agreed to postpone the contest, even before Hobbs was taken to the hosptial.
“The game was not even on my mind,” Bridges said. “I’ve had kids get hurt before, but never anything like this. I’m just glad we’re not playing it because I can’t imagine how they feel right now.”
Parkview is scheduled to play another conference game at El Dorado on Friday night. Flanigan said he will meet with his team today at 5 p.m. to discuss future plans.
“I really don’t know if I can go on after this,” Flanigan said.
Democrat-Gazette staff writer Doug Crise contributed

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Anonymous said...

Ant you are amazing!
we will all miss you so much!
Our hearts are with you.
we know you are in a better place, but we will always miss you till we meet you up there...
Love always!