Monday, May 18, 2009

The Future Of Prep Hoops?

A few weeks ago, Jeremy Tyler made headlines when he announced that he was skipping his senior season of high school to turn pro....overseas. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding his decision with people weighing in on sport shows and blogs all over. Personally, I don't know if this is the best move. I understand that he and his "camp "(which I'm sure heavily influenced this decision) feel as if he is not being challenged by playing against his peers and they want to do what is best for him as it relates to getting him ready for the NBA. I get that, I really do. It's just that you're only a kid once. You only have once chance to experience and enjoy your senior year. Personally, high school and college were some of the best years of my life. I think everybody should experience that. The NBA will be there. On the other hand, one could argue that kids in other sports turn pro at an early age and if an athlete wants to be the best, sacrifices must be made. There is a great article on Tyler and his situation over at ESPN. Check it out here.

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