Friday, December 11, 2009

The Barton Brothers!

Antonio Barton (first picture above), the 6'2, 172 lb. point guard (Baltimore, Md./Lake Clifton HS/Notre Dame Prep) and his older brother Will "the thrill" Barton (second picture above), the 6'6, 170 lb. shooting guard (Baltimore, Md./Lake Clifton HS/Brewster Academy) have both committed to Memphis to play basketball next Fall.

Check this out.....for the first time in their lives, the brothers, who are separated by 11 months, will not pass one another in the hall at school or spend afternoons on the hardwood because they have decided to prep at different schools. Antonio is quick with the ball, and gets after the opponent on the defensive end of the floor. As for Will, he is a lights out shooting guard that can also rebound with toughness in the trenches. Will is a high energy guy that gives an "all-out" effort all the time. I'm pretty sure that this relationship runs much deeper than 94 feet.

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