Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Razorbacks just might find themselves on the outside looking in when it comes to potential basketball recruits.

A serious situation at the University of Arkansas seemed to resolve itself last month when it was determined that there was insufficient evidence to file rape charges against three unnamed Arkansas Razorback basketball players. For a program that has had numerous off-the-court distractions and dysfunctional coaching searches, this was a small relief not to have it hanging over its head when the season got underway.

So much for that plan. Questions quickly arose surrounding the prosecutor that determined there was insufficient evidence. Now the Razorbacks are looking at a case that's being reopened by a special prosecutor appointed by the state, as the season is in its early stages.

John Threet is not only the Washington County prosecutor who found insufficient evidence, but he is the son-in-law of Frank Broyles, the legendary and now retired Arkansas athletic director. Not to mention he has a brother-in-law that is an athletic department spokesperson. A couple of rather close ties to the Razorback athletic department that could definitely raise conflict-of-interest issues.

Sure enough, the attorney for the woman making the accusations found them troubling enough to petition a county judge to appoint a special prosecutor. Prosecutor Threet filed his own motion in support of a special prosecutor and the judge issued the order the same day.

The attorney for the alleged victim claims that there is new physical evidence that supports his client's claim. The problem with the case, according to the prosecutor's office, remains the same. A lack of evidence showing force or a lack of consent. Witnesses are not forthcoming.

Could issues like this at Arkansas and at other schools around the country hurt them in their basketball recruiting process? We will have to wait and see....

More news on this and other issues coming soon!

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