Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Todd Mayo Is Undecided.....

Todd Mayo, the 6'3, 185 lb shooting guard out of Germantown High School, in Germantown, TN., has yet to make a decision on where he will attend school next Fall. Todd has been determined to distinguish himself from his well-known older brother O.J. Mayo of the Memphis Grizzlies. In doing so, Todd has developed himself into a very prolific shooting guard. Todd can get his shot off against anyone due to his ability to create space when a defender tries to crowd him. With a nice mid-range game, this gives him the ability to score in a number of ways. He has the size and strength to shoot over defenders on the perimeter or finish with contact in the painted area of the floor. If things continue to go the way they have for him, this guy will make some high-major program very happy in the late signing period because he has the ability to come in and contribute immediately.

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