Sunday, November 25, 2007

What it is

Whatup everybody? This is my first post so I'm trying to decide how to pop things off. I'm in the hometown getting ready to head back to tha A in a few hours. While down here, I was talking to my step-dad and we were talking about a player on his AAU squad that is something serious. His name is Clarence Trent and he's from Gig Harbor, WA. At 6'8" 225, he has the size, raw ability and athleticism to one day make his living posterizing individuals on a regular. A member of the '09 class, he's out in Nevada and plays for Henderson Finlay Prep. Arkanas, UConn, Florida, Kansas and Arizona are just a few of the schools after him. Check out the video.

shout to tha Razorbacks...they gave LSU tha bidness ya dig! bcs is really a mess now...

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