Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chris Colvin Commits

Chris Colvin, a 6'3, 175 lb point guard out of Whitney Young High School in Chicago, IL. has committed to Iowa State to play basketball in the 2009-10 seeason. Colvin has great quickness and athleticism which he uses to attack opposing defenders while breaking down their schemes by getting into the interior of opposing defenses. Off of the bounce, Colvin has a tendency to almost exclusively rely on a spin-move from right to left. He often spins into traps when he tries to use this move in the paint, off the dribble where he has no room to pull the move off successfully. With that said, Colvin has to continue to improve his ball-handling skills and eliminate some of the predictability off the bounce that he has in his game. The ability to change speeds off of the dribble is key to the success of a point guard and it's impressive that he has that in his repertoire as an incoming freshman.

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