Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reggie Moore is a Cougar.

Reggie Moore, a 6'1, 175 Point Guard out of Seattle, WA, by way of Brewster Academy (NH) will be in a Washington State Cougars uniform this Fall. Moore has the ability to score in a plethora of ways and seems most comfortable playing as a scoring point guard, instead of as a traditional pass-first point guard. He has the ability to connect from well beyond the 3-point arc, but he is a bit streaky as a shooter at times. Once at the rim, Moore has solid body control, but he has to alleviate his tendency to over-penetrate on the colligiate level if he wants to stay out trouble. If he wants to play the point on a more consistent basis in Washington State's system, he will have to use his quickness and ball-handling skills to get to the paint and involve his teammates.

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