Thursday, June 4, 2009

Center Anthony Stover Commits To UCLA.

Anthony Stover, a 6'9, 210 lb center from Windward School in Los Angeles, CA., will attend UCLA this Fall to play basketball in 2009-10 season. He has a slight frame with very long arms, but UCLA is known for putting weight on their bigs. Do you guys remember Kevin Love? His timing is impeccable in the paint area and he controls the interior with his reach. Despite his size he gets up the floor fairly quick and has become a much more resilient rebounder in the past year. His offensive game is still in its infantile stage, but his footwork is solid and fundamentals are getting better. He still has a tendency to bring the ball down (a coaches nightmare for a post player) and his post skills are limited, but with his size he has the potential to develop an unblockable jump hook. In order for Anthony to improve the holes in his game, it just might be best that UCLA puts him up for a redshirt his first year on campus -- we'll see.

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